Nancy Michalak Scherenschnitte Papercuts

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My Artwork
   I became interested in the folk art of Scherenschnitte  while teaching symmetry to my 6th grade art students. "Cutting on the fold" technique, typical of many German papercuts produces a mirror image. As with any new media, opening up the folded piece of paper seemed to open up to me the potential of this art form and challenge me to explore its possiblities.
 I use black silhouette paper in creating my artwork.  Many of my pieces are cut on a folded piece of black silhouette paper where I have drawn the image to be cut.  My designs require careful planning of lines, shapes, overall balance of the piece, plus positive and negative space that will be critical to the images success.
Most of my pieces are cut continuously from one piece of paper, meaning that no part of the piece is added later, except for color embellishments.  

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